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Video Visit

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Welcome to our school

Text Box:  Greeting and school song broadband | dialup
When a visitor comes to our school, we always greet them
with welcoming words and songs.
Text Box:  Morning porridge broadband | dialup
In the morning we line up, bowls in hand, for porridge made from maize flour and water.
In the afternoon, we line up for a stiffer version of morning porridge called ugali.
These are our school meals. We pay part of our tuition in maize.
Text Box:  Choir practice broadband | dialup
Singing fills our school, our churches, our village.
Our school choir is the best in the region.
We practice everyday, outdoors, for as long as we can.
Text Box:  After school soccer broadband | dialup
Our soccer field has no lines and everyone is welcome.
We play hard, not for trophies but for the fun of it.
Text Box:  Best friends broadband | dialup
The friendships we make at our school can last a lifetime.
Here, our classmates Heavenlight and Shangwe talk about theirs.

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