Two copies of every published IOGV book head to the spare library at Awet Secondary School in Kambi ya Simba. Otherwise, the hard copies mostly remain in the “villages” they are about, where they are enjoyed as a fresh, full look at the community through the eyes of its youth. If we could, we would create a real traveling library of the IOGV collection, sending it to classrooms worldwide and spreading literacy and cultural awareness along the way. Short of that, we offer this digital library.

The student authors of these books range in age from 5 to 22 and represent five continents. A community celebration has accompanied each book’s debut—from a gala event in West Hollywood to a small festival in a jungle village in Nepal.

Please note that the flip book and PDF are not always the highest resolution version of the actual book; some of these files are huge. If you are interested in purchasing any of these books, many are for sale. Please contact

We’ve organized the books into shelves, in alphabetical order based on location, and separated between U.S. and international. PLEASE CLICK on the title below the book cover to see a “flip” version of the book at

SHELF 1:  Albion, New York | Baltimore, Maryland | Boulder, Colorado|Boyle Heights/Los Angeles, California| Colorado Springs, Colorado | Ewa Beach, Hawaii | Friendship, Texas | Green Bay, Wisconsin | Homewood, Alabama

SHELF 2:  Indianapolis, Indiana | Los Angeles, California | New Orleans, Louisiana | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Saint Helens, Oregon | West Hollywood, California | West York, Pennsylvania

SHELF 3: Chennai, India | Hoi Ann, Vietnam | Jhapa District, Nepal |Johannesburg, South Africa | La Loma, Dominican Republic | Mbeya, Tanzania |Paraiso, Costa Rica | Tallinn, Estonia | Toho, Japan | Zagreb, Republic of Croatia

[Books for which we do not have a “flip” book: West Seneca, NY through the Eyes of Sixth Graders at Allendale Elementary School | In Our Village: Mineola, NY, edited by Maureen Connolly | In Our Village...Ewa Beach, Hawaii, by Campbell Global Studies Program | In Our Village...Hoi An Vietnam, by the Hoi An Library Club and Rivers of Hope Summer Photograph Class]

    Friendswood, TX                                                   
    Westwood Elementary                                                        
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Albion, NY                Albion Elementary
Baltimore, I Love You! The Youth Dreamers
Boyle Heights, CA    Roosevelt HS Senior Class ’10
Our Lives in Boulder, CO      Bear Creek Elementary
Colorado Springs, CO                 Pioneer Elementary-Liberty HS

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by Class of 2011 Seniors at

In Olde Green Bay, WI            Preble High School
Homewood, AL                          Shades Cabana Elementary